General approach

proposed by the Doctoral Program in Complexity Sciences

General approach The PhD Programme in Complexity Sciences provides a multidisciplinary education allowing its students to understand, via the application of modelling methodologies and computational techniques, the diverse and complex environments in which they exist. Students will gain the skills to solve complex problems using information technologies.

Method The main pedagogical method is blended learning, in which students can join the lectures remotely via a collaborative platform over the Internet.

Organization The PhD Programme in Complexity Sciences has a three-year duration. The first year of the programme is composed by 6 courses (Curricular Units) corresponding to 6 ECTS each. The second and third years are devoted to developing PhD thesis research, which corresponds to 120 ECTS.

Worldwide diversity students The PhD Programme in Complexity Sciences is fully taught in English via the Internet, at Iscte - Lisbon University Institute and at the Faculty of Science at Lisbon University. Students from all over the world and from a diversity of scientific backgrounds are welcome.

Worldwide community This programme has a strong international perspective and integration with the complex systems research community.