An international doctoral program jointly proposed by the Lisbon University Institute and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon. On-line and on-site.

Dissipative structures and the relation between individual and collective aspects of social behavior

Article by Thomas Weber (PhDCS researcher) /Systems Research & Behavioral Science, First published: 04 January 2021, Wiley Online Library /Access

Community identity in a temporal network: A taxonomy proposal

Article by Luís Ramada Pereira (PhDCS researcher) /Ecological Complexity, Volume 45, January 2021, Ed. Elsevier /Access

Should the Internet be private? Ownership and control of information on the Internet

Article by António Fonseca (PhDCS faculty) /Medium, 16 December 2020 / Access

Wuleta Lemma, PhDCS researcher, is the 2020 Web Summit PITCH winner

PITCH was held on Web Summit 2020, bringing together 700 startups. Wuleta Lemma won the competition with the Ethiopian startup Lalibela Global-Networks which digitises hospital management processes in Africa. /More here

COVID-19: Pandemics, Modelling, and Policy

An Online Course proposed by Jeffrey Johnson (vice-president of the UNESCO UniTwin Complex Systems Digital Campus and regularly invited at PhDCS) / Future Learn /Access

Covid-19 and Computation for Policy

Article by Jeffrey Johnson, Peter Denning, Kemal Delic, and Jane Bromley /Ubiquity, Volume 2020 Issue October, Ed. ACM /Access
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